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Communication from the Headteacher,

Gareth Evans


Written the 27 August 2015

Dear Parents,

I write this this letter to you full of excitement, optimism and in some ways, slight trepidation as I begin my new role here at BJAB. Having spent the last five years of my career in Athens, it was somewhat of a wrench to leave a school I had grown to know and love, not to mention the fantastic weather! However, I am sure as I explore the school and gradually get to know the whole school community that I will quickly come to love BJAB in the same way, if not more.

I feel I should use this opportunity to thank my predecessor, Mrs White. Not only was she very helpful and understanding during the transition process, she has left the school with excellent standards and an enhanced reputation. I know that she was very popular indeed and will be a hard act to follow. I promise you all that I will do my very best!

From the first moment I entered BJAB, I was aware of its very special character and ethos which is built around those who work and learn here. The preservation of this ethos, in partnership with you as parents, your children as learners and the whole team here is crucial to the future development and improvements that we will continue to make.

I am looking forward to meeting you all on the 3rd of September as I present mine and the staff’s vision for the future and I hope to meet you on a more personal basis in the coming weeks.

With all my best wishes for a successful and happy school year.