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Gareth Evans

Happy 2016!

Written the 04 April 2016

Dear Parents,

It hardly seems like five minutes since I left Greece and arrived in Brussels and yet Christmas is almost upon us. When I wrote to you at the beginning of September, I remarked that BJAB had seemed a wonderful place to be and after a long and busy term, this has indeed been proved true. I have been made to feel most welcome by an outstanding teaching and support staff team, by you as parents but most of all by a wonderful body of children who make coming to school every day a sheer joy.

I must take this opportunity to thank you as parents for your support and encouragement. I must say that during the recent level four time in Brussels, the kind and positive feedback I received was most appreciated. I have always maintained that an open door policy and educating the parent body is vital to the life of any school. During the workshops on assessment and anti-bullying, I sensed that parents here are just as willing to learn as their children. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at January and February’s workshops on the new National Curriculum and Developing a Growth Mindset. There are more workshops planned for the rest of the year, of which details will be sent to you in due course in the new weekly or monthly newsletters. We are also open to comments and suggestions from you as parents; many were duly noted following the questionnaire in October, which has given us many points to learn from as well as to celebrate. Unfortunately, the Governor’s Parent Forum was postponed from November but will take place in January.

BJAB is fortunate to have a dedicated and extremely hardworking team of teachers and support staff who have made my transition here very smooth. The school office staff of Mlle. De Maertelaere, Mrs. Sanderson and Miss Rottin do a wonderful job of keeping the school running and my calendar very busy! The teaching team here have taken on a lot in the past term, as it is important for teachers as well as children to be lifelong learners and to be continually updating their practice. I am extremely fortunate to have such a strong and dedicated team of teachers from Kindergarten to Year 6. I have also been supported by the enhanced Senior Leadership Team of Mrs Choules, Miss Bird and Miss Cowx in their roles as deputy and assistant heads and head of learning support respectively. I must thank them for all their hard work and support.

I must also make special reference to the Board of Governors, who in effect hold me to account but also support me and provide much strong and helpful guidance. Mr Willan keeps me in touch with the feelings of the parent body and Mrs Harland is a wise and considered counsel. It has also been a pleasure to work with Mme De Maertelaere, whose dedication and love for the school is an inspiration.

It has been a remarkably busy term for the children in all areas of the curriculum. We have seen some fantastic assemblies and only this week we opened a wonderful school museum, with some very knowledgeable guides! Next term, we will invite parents in again for a look at your children’s work. Shortly before the end of term, we will be holding a MADD week (Music, Art, Drama and Dance) to which you will also be invited. The children here are exceptional in every way and a pleasure to teach and work with. I meet with the Head boy and girl, the House Captains and Sports Captain and Buddy Builder on a weekly basis and am so proud of their confidence, initiative and hard work. Whilst Miss Bird and the Buddy Builder will work on the courtyard outside the Sunshine Gym, the School Council will start a project on developing the playground.

May I thank you for the lovely gifts and cards I have been given over the past few days, they are much appreciated, but most of all for the kind words and messages that I have received. It is this kindness from all of you and your children that make BJAB a very special place to work in.

I would like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a super 2016. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Best wishes,