First Assembly – Always a special one!

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First Assembly – Always a special one!

Our Head Girl and Boy were asked to prepare a speech to welcome newcomers and we are please to share their inspiring words with you! Happy Reading!

From Ella – Year 6 – Head Girl 2017-2018

“For those who don’t know me my name is Ella and I have been at BJAB for 3 years! I also have a sister Lauren in Year 4. When I joined BJAB, I was very nervous. I was moving from my school in Ireland where I was very happy and knew so many people. I could not believe how quickly I made friends and how nice everyone was including my teachers. I realised my sister and I were doing more than ok when she came home and told Mum and Dad we were now part oft he BJAB family. One of the first things I learned at BJAB was about values – we learned about many but some of my favourites are honesty, kindness and perseverance. We had great assemblies too. BJAB teaches us to be kind to each other and help others when we can. BJAB has also taught me confidence in my work and in my play. We have regular assessments and it always great to read our reports and learn what we have to work on next. In the last year we had a lot of projects and I really learned so much about the topics. I also learned to swim at BJAB, did my first handstand and took part in many dramas. I really enjoy the after school clubs and have tried many including Art, Ukulele, Karate, Samba drums, Music theory and Science. Teamwork is very important at BJAB and we have learned a lot being part of houses each year. Unfortunately Schuman has not been too successful in my 3 years so far – this year we will do better. Apart from learning, some of my best memories so far included our families at International days, Pizza nights, BJAB days and sports day. While I am a little sad that this is my last year I am really excited about all the things we will achieve together. I am very proud to be Head Girl at BJAB and will try to do my best for everyone.”

From Mateo – Year 6 – Head Boy 2017-2018

“When I came to BJAB, 3 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t speak any English and I didn’t know any one. As the weeks went by, I started feeling more comfortable. I started making friends, lots of friends. My English improved a lot, I learned something new every day. These past years 3 years have been amazing! I love the teachers, enjoy the activities we do, we learn and most of all I love my friends. My advice to the new children at school is Enjoy yourself, make friends and always try your best!”