Live Music Performance!

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Live Music Performance!

BJAB had the chance to welcome and listen to a Scottish traditional group from , comprising of fiddle, pipes and guitar, and our pupils have been treated to a variety of songs, dances and descriptions of each instrument’s characteristics. The young musicians, as well as being talented, captivated the audience brilliantly. The choice of music was truly evocative of Scotland!

What a wonderful experience for our staff and children and an ideal opportunity to promote Scotland! We were transported to lochs and huge skies – our next holiday is metaphorically booked!

We must praise the approach of the team; the three talented lads who spoke with such eloquence and played with haunting passion; the organisers who were efficient and friendly and the team here at the Scottish rep. Our sincere thanks goes to them all.

To illustrate how much it was appreciated, one of the pupils told us it was the best day of her life!

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