Healthy Week at BJAB

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Healthy Week at BJAB

The many activities organised during our Healthy Week have been successful in bringing together the community whilst making valuable educational points. Highlights include the whole-school exercise session led by Mr Mitchell followed by an inspirational talk from Claudia Chantal Zackariya for parents. There have been body image sessions for children in Key Stage Two and all children have been reminded how to be safe on-line.

Living in pink’ on the last day has been a lovely end to an exciting week and we are pleased to let you know that we have raised 237.52 euros for the breast cancer charity, Think Pink.

An interesting survey conducted by Year Three about our breakfast choices was organised and the following are a few of our favourite excerpts (deliberately unedited!):

“In Year 1 the Most popular Breakfast is cereal. I’m surprised some children ate chocolate waffles. I recommend not eating food like chocolate waffles for breakfast.”

“Most people in Year 2 eat cereal for breakfast one of them had eggs. I was shock because one of them had cake for breakfast.”

“Some people in Year 3 ate only a biscuit which is bad. Some people in Year 3 ate cereal which is good.”

“The most popular food in year 4 was toast because it had 3 votes and the not Popular food in year 4 is biscuit because it has 1 vote. I am surprised that 2 people in year 4 ate cakes for breakfast.”

“In Year 5 it seems strange that some people are having such a large breakfast and some people have only one orange.”

“I am surprised the children in Year 6 eat small breakfasts because they are growing still.”