What is bullying?

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What is bullying?

We issued a questionnaire to pupils and, as a result, Miss Cowx has organised focus groups from each year to talk about some of the issues raised. The children have also had assemblies about bullying and some of the responses were sent to Mrs White by Year Six pupils who surveyed the children after the assembly:

Robyn: I liked it! It made people think.

Vidhi: I liked it! People are behaving better.

Irene: Useful, powerful! We should wait to see what happens with bullying.

Victoria: It was good! People have changed a little bit.

Panka: It was what we needed! It was good.

Celia: We should see how it goes. It was great! We could possibly have another one.

Blanca: It was emotional. People are not fighting any more.

Coco: It was good, it taught you a lot.

Alex: It was emotional. We need another one!

Thomas: Very powerful. Made you understand how bad bullying is.

Focus group conclusion:
It’s the little things that all add up that make you happy at school, we need to fix the little things.