Year 7 at BJAB!

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Year 7 at BJAB!

The British Junior Academy of Brussels (BJAB) is expanding in order to offer places in Year Seven from September 2019 and Year Eight in 2020.

The announcement, made by Headteacher, Mrs Sarah White, was greeted with enthusiastic applause at a meeting of parents and Governors on Monday evening (3rd December).

The new development is in response to parent demand and confirms the Governors’ vision to be the only authentic Preparatory school in Brussels. An additional building on Boulevard St Michel has been purchased and major renovation work will begin soon to create a first class learning environment.

Mrs White explained that the expansion would be organic and that “BJAB will remain BJAB” with its emphasis on a balance between high academic standards and a caring and nurturing environment. “In fact, many pupils are only just beginning to blossom by Year Six, so having two more years with them means more time to develop their personal trigger to ensure they become life-long learners.”

“BJAB already has an excellent record of feeding pupils into top European and British independent schools, which is one reason we continue to attract high calibre British and international families. But families choose BJAB because we offer a unique blend of traditional education and values with a rich and relevant curriculum. I look forward to leading the school through this new and exciting development”, said Mrs White.