Ceramics (Y1-5)

This is a creative activity during which children will have a great opportunity to self express themselves through clay. Kids are born naturally creative, and inquisitive. Working with clay is a very enriching experience that allows children to make their own ceramic pieces with their own hands, starting from a simple piece of raw clay. It gives them the freedom to express their creativity and the ability to change something with their own hands, teaches them being responsible of and careful with their ceramic projects. During this after school club children will work with clay using different hand building techniques, painting their pieces and learning all the details of the long, but fruitful process of ceramics production. Every month for the pleasure of your eyes your child will bring home 3-4 original ceramic pieces, fired in kiln, glazed and ready for your everyday use or just your admiration.

Term fees payable to Valerie Capo BE53 3771 1335 5853

Information: BJAB ceramics Wednesday + name


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