Drama (Years 3 to 6)

Helen Abbott: "I am a British theatre director currently living in Brussels (my eldest daughter, Robyn, is a pupil at BJAB). Having obtained a BA in Acting at the Royal Academy of Scotland and completed an MA in Shakespeare and Theatre, I then moved into directing. I have worked on a variety of projects both overseas and in the UK. I was the 2017 recipient of the John Fernald Award and have recently finished work as Assistant Director for Persuasion at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. I am also an Ensemble Leader for ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association), creating devised performances in theatre festivals around the world." These drama classes will cover a wide variety of theatre and performance styles whilst also developing inquisitive and questioning minds. We will look at various aspects of theatre including improvisation, music and movement, mask work and clowning. Pupils will be encouraged to think creatively, sharing their voices and expressing their ideas within a stimulating and supportive environment. They will work individually and as an ensemble, they will direct others, and they will even help guide the work we choose to focus on. These fun and engaging drama classes will help pupils grow in confidence and develop social and communication skills which will help them as they progress in life. You don’t necessarily have to be interested in acting - drama is about so much more. It is about how we approach theatre, the questions we are asking of ourselves, each other and the audience, and how best we can communicate this. From Tuesday 8th January – Tuesday 2nd April December (inclusive.) from 4.45 until 5.45pm  A maximum of 16 children is accommodated. This activity is 15€ / lesson and will be invoiced by the school.

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