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School Structure

  BJAB (UK System)   Belgian System US System
The Lower School Site
Early Years Foundation Stages PreKindergarten Ages 2.5* – 3    
Kindergarten Ages 3-4 Maternelle 1 Preschool
Reception Ages 4-5 Maternelle 2 Preschool
Key Stage 1 Year 1 Ages 5-6 Maternelle 3 Kindergarten
Year 2 Ages 6-7 Primary 1 Grade 1
Key Stage 2 Year 3 Ages 7-8 Primary 2 Grade 2
Year 4 Ages 8-9 Primary 3 Grade 3
The Prep School Site
Year 5 Ages 9-10 Primary 4 Grade 4
Year 6 Ages 10-11 Primary 5 Grade 5
Key Stage 3 Year 7 Ages 11-12 Primary 6 Grade 6
Year 8 Ages 12-13 Secondary 1 Grade 7
Year 9 Ages 13-14 Secondary 2 Grade 8

*Pupils are eligible for admission to the British Junior Academy of Brussels into the Early Years Foundation Stage in the term in which they turn three years old.

Admissions Process

We offer admissions at BJAB on a rolling basis. Please contact us to discuss mid-year entry. Our Admissions Officer is available to walk you through each step of our admissions process.

1. Tour & Interview

The admissions process begins with a tour of the school and interview with Mr Retter, Headteacher. Families are invited to view our facilities and speak with Mr Retter about our educational offering. 

2. Gaining admission

Following the interview, a place at BJAB may be offered. In some cases, prospective pupils may be required to undergo entrance assessments. Pupils may also have the opportunity spend a ‘trial day’ with us in their future class.

3. Registration and payment

In order to reserve a place at BJAB, parents should submit the following:

The school will issue invoices according to the current Schedule of Fees. The first invoice is for the Registration Fee (500€) and Deposit (500€). Space is secured upon payment of this initial invoice. The Registration Fee and Deposit are non-refundable if a place is not taken up within the designated period. Invoices for school fees follow. Our administrative team is available to issue attendance certificates for employers.

Are you interested in admission at the British Junior Academy of Brussels?

Send us an admissions enquiry below and our Admissions Officer will contact you as soon as possible. 

  • Parent information

  • Please let us know anything special about your admissions enquiry.
  • Applicant information

    If you have multiple children, please fill out the second child's details in the next section. For three or more children, leave a note in the comments section.
  • Applicant information (second child)

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