Eco-council Club (Years 2-6)

The aim of the Eco Council Club is to make our school Eco Friendly.  Children will take part in putting together an action plan and then implement their ideas.

The Club will teach children how making small efforts, like turning off the tap when brushing their teeth, can make a huge difference to their local community, town or city, and eventually to the world as a whole.

Eco-Schools is a global programme, that encourages pupils and teachers to come up with fun, eco-friendly projects to help make their school a more pleasant place to be and reduce its impact on the environment.

Some of the imaginative environmental projects Eco-Schools projects have come up with include:

  • organising recycling
  • building a nature garden in the school grounds with bird boxes and a wormery
  • creating a vegetable patch and using the home-grown produce in cookery lessons
  • organising litter picking in and around the school grounds

Eco-Schools have a positive effect on school grounds and neighbouring communities and also create caring young citizens who think about their impact on the world. Many children think that recycling a piece of paper is a waste of time. Eco-Schools shows youngsters that if a school-full of people recycle their paper, tonnes of trees are saved from the chop and the rainforest and its wildlife are protected.

The Eco-council club is open to children from Year 2 to Year 6 and will be run by Miss Cows on Thursdays from 3.35pm-4.35pm. This club will run from Thursday 14th January until Thursday 17th March.