Bring and Buy Sale (PTA event) - BJAB - British Junior Academy of Brussels

From Monday to Thursday, you can bring into school books and toys and unopened craft projects, for ages 3-12 which are still in good condition, but no longer used by your family. No baby things and no clothes please. When deciding whether or not to donate something, please think about whether or not you would be pleased if your child brought that item home from the sale on Friday. If you have older children, we’d be pleased to have donations from them as well, as we often end up a bit short on toys and books of interest to children in years 5 & 6.

The Sale will take place on Friday 30th November. Each class will visit the sale between 9am-1pm and the children will have an opportunity to buy one toy and one book. Each child should come to school with 5 Euros in coins. Toys will be priced at 4 euros and books at 1 euro. It is important to give your children coins to keep it simple for the volunteers and also to help the children use their maths to make their purchases.

The PTA is still looking for a few more volunteers to work an hour or two at the sale on Friday.  Please let the office know if you are able to assist.

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