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The British Junior Academy of Brussels lies within easy range of the European Commission, Embassies, NATO and business districts. Many of our pupils have parents working in the area or families living in and around Brussels. Pupils are split between two sites, the Lower School and the Prep School, which are conveniently situated within a 5 minute walk of each other. 

The Lower School


Pupils in Early Years to Year 4 enjoy the facilities in our Lower School buildings at 83 Boulevard Saint Michel. The two Lower School buildings, the Edwardian House and the Marlowe House provide classrooms, a library and French rooms. The Lower School currently has around 150 pupils, including Early Years children.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard that can be used by teachers and children alike. Classrooms also feature displays with highlights of children’s work. Depending on the age of the children, many classrooms also have a creative activity space and a quiet corner dedicated to reading.

Between the two buildings in our Lower School, the playground provides a great area – colourful, fun, yet safe – to play or chat with friends. The children enjoy morning and afternoon playtimes, as well as some PE lessons on the playground, where they can have appropriate space to run, play, and engage in sports. School lunches and assemblies are held in the Sunshine Gym, a larger space where children can gather together. We have a custom-built library housing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Lower School Buildings

Take a Virtual Tour of our Prep School Building

The Prep School


Pupils in Years 5 to 8 enjoy the facilities in our recently renovated Prep School building at 101 Boulevard Louis Schmidt. The Prep Building provide classrooms for pupils, a refectory, a science laboratory and a computing suite. The Magritte House offers a space dedicated to specialist Art and Design Technology lessons. The Prep Theatre is used for assemblies, music, and drama. The Prep School currently has around 60 pupils.

Each of the bright and spacious classrooms is equipped with an interactive whiteboard that can be used by teachers and children alike. Classrooms also feature displays, sometimes with interactive elements with QR or Nearpod codes, highlighting recent pupil work or providing more insight into a subject.

The pupils in the Prep School enjoy morning and afternoon playtimes. The large playground provides plenty of space for sports lessons and recreation. Children and teachers alike enjoy tending to the garden, which is a testament to the school’s green approach. School lunches are served in the refectory, a café-like setting where pupils can gather at a table with friends. The custom-built science laboratory complements our science curriculum with state-of-the-art science equipment. The computing suite is equipped with laptops, tablets and other technical material for pupils to explore engineering, robotics, and coding.

The best way to get to know our school is to view it in real-life! All parents looking for high quality education in the heart of Brussels are encouraged to contact us to make an appointment.

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