Information about lunches, snacks, treats and food allergies.

Meals and snacks for ‘Healthy Eating’

Your child spends a long time in school each day, so snacks and drinks must be provided. Our aim, with your support, is to educate the children about healthy eating habits based on sound nutritional advice. We wish to encourage the development of a healthy growing body, mind and immune system through a balanced diet. Children who are active all day become quite hungry and thirsty so please ensure that they have enough to eat and drink. If you are not sure what ‘enough’ is then please provide too much initially and monitor what is not consumed.

Morning break

Only fruit and bottled water are permitted for snack time.


Hot lunch

The BJAB provides a hot lunch service in school for the benefit of our pupils on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays. Pupils staying for  Please note that hot lunches are normally ordered for a minimum of half a term from a local supplier and notice is required if you wish to cancel. An extra fee of 5.00 euros per day is charged for this service. The monthly menus can be found on the Parents’ billboard on this website. Please contact the Office if you wish to order a Hot Lunch for your child. 


Packed lunch

If you do not wish to order a Hot lunch, please provide a packed, nutritionally balanced lunchtime meal, including water and at least one piece of fruit.


Afternoon snack

An Afternoon snack is only required for pupils in Kindergarten.



Children attending Garderie should be provided with a piece of fruit and a bottle of water or milk. Please be aware that for reasons of health, safety and convenience, glass bottles, canned drinks, sweets, chocolate, chewing gum, biscuits and crisps are NOT allowed.

Party food and treats

There are opportunities for children to enjoy a range of party food and treats on special occasions and children may bring into school birthday cakes to share.

Food allergies

For those pupils who have food allergies, parents are asked to provide a suitable alternative which can be kept by the teacher to have as needs require. (Please speak with your class teacher about this.)

Table manners

Whatever their cultural background, pupils are expected to eat in a mannerly fashion. Parents are requested to prepare their children to use table utensils before arriving in school.