What if my child is sick, absent or late?

The following regulatory requirements apply to all children registered in full-time primary education which at the BJAB is from Reception Class upwards.

Parents are to be in school in line with the scholastic calendar. Families wanting to withdraw their children for any reason other than sickness during the scholastic calendar must formally request in writing permission from the Headteacher.

Pupils are required to be in school punctually, in line with the school’s timetable. Late arrival is recorded formally in the school register and formal reports reflect the attendance and punctuality of pupils.

In the event of illness, the school must be informed as soon as possible by telephone or email if a child will be absent.

For any illness of up to three days, a letter from the parents explaining the illness is required.

For any absence due to illness for more than 3 days, parents are required to send in a medical certificate.

Details of all absences are noted in the school register.