Fermenting workshop for Parents – 7.30pm - BJAB - British Junior Academy of Brussels

By Claudia Chantal Zackariya   Please register here!

95% of serotonin, the happiness hormone and 80% of your immune system are stored in the bowel. One very simple way of managing your anxiety, stress and worries is to introduce fermented foods into your diet. In this practical workshop, you will learn how to make your own fermented vegetables, literally building up your body’s access to the most easily assimilated prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. Lift your mood, boost your immune system and strengthen your body. This is a fun, informative and interactive workshop for anyone interested in making that jump to good health.

(40 euros per adult – all supplies provided)

Please bring a chopping board, knife and non-metallic (ceramic or even plastic) medium-sized bowl

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