Christmas Card Winners

Kindergarten WinnerReception WinnerYear 1 Winner Overall WinnerYear 2 WinnerYear 3 WinnerYear 4 WinnerYear 5 WinnerYear 6 WinnerCongratulations to the BJAB Christmas Card Competition winners. The overall winner is Ester Tkacova in Year 1 with a lovely drawing of penguins. Nina Wieers wins in Kindergarten with a lovely bright red Christmas tree. In Reception Albert Barker is the winner with a lovely drawing of a snowman. Thithawat Sanderson wins in Year 2 with an innovative Christmas tree and sleigh. Pallavi Jijin wins in Year 3 with a very jolly Santa Clause  and Christmas Tree. Theo Tett wins Year 4 with a very realistic drawing of Santa Clause. Cindy Kristiansson and Isabella Devitt-Smith jointly win in Year 5 with a drawing of a very cosy, Christmassy living room and Ines Alonso Blanco wins in Year 6 with a beautiful image of penguins.