Ethos and aim - BJAB - British Junior Academy of Brussels

Our mission is…

…to deliver a broad and balanced education, which enables the individual child to develop to his or her maximum potential, in a dynamic and caring environment.

Within a caring and structured environment, children are taught the curriculum by a vibrant and creative teaching staff and encouraged to mature and grow to love life and learning.

Parents add to the strong sense of community and participate in an atmosphere of high standards of behaviour, wellbeing and academic achievement. The Friends of BJAB enforces such a bond.

We value each child as an individual within our welcoming and supportive atmosphere, promoting the essential qualities of integrity, loyalty, self-discipline, independence, self-confidence, kindness, mutual respect and consideration.

Mutual respect and consideration

Charitable giving

At BJAB we take our social responsibilities seriously and enthusiastically. Giving to charities provides vital learning experiences for everyone at the school

Our chosen charitable cause in 2018/19 was HALMS, a charity in the Philippines which runs a school for children who are known locally as “Dump Children.”

On the outskirts of Manila is a giant landfill dump for all the waste collected from the city. The system of rubbish collection, disposal and recycling has become a way of life for a large group of poor people.  Small shanty towns have grown up around the dump, built with salvaged materials, but in many areas they are not connected to the outside world for electricity and fresh water.

Cut off from main city, children do not go to school because they work on the trucks collecting waste from around the city. It’s dangerous and dirty work. In the dump towns there are many social problems associated with poverty and lack of education: addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling is widespread.  Children grow up in smelly, toxic surroundings, unable to read and write. Their only future is The Dump.

Some years ago a group of expat women decided to do something to help the children learn to read and write. They started visiting the dump and giving lessons. The idea grew and more children wanted to come, so the HALMS charity raised enough money to convert a building into a school with permanent teachers. The school also has room for children to live there, if they are not able to stay with their parents.

Mr and Mrs White visited the school in 2017 on a day that six boys graduated from the dump school and started at city schools. This was a huge achievement for the boys, the teachers and the parents. Mr White was invited to present medals to the boys and talk to them about their future. After the ceremony everyone celebrated with traditional Philippines food. In September 2018 BJAB sent a large number of text books and resources to HALMS and these are in use at the moment.

Our next objective is to send a teacher from BJAB to HALMS to help the other teachers use the books and resources in the best way and to give professional advice on teaching methods. Mr Mitchell will visit HALMS during the Easter holiday and we are raising money to buy the air ticket. At BJAB we are interested to learn about the dump and the way of life for children who live there. We know that UNICEF and other charities are working to help address the problem. But with an estimated 200,000 children in this situation across the Philippines, we are excited to see how our contribution can make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Charity and service work 2019 – 2020

During the Autumn term the children will be asked to work as a family or friendship group to ‘fill’ a rucksack for a homeless person. These will be distributed by a Charity for Homeless people based in Brussels. 
The rucksacks will contain a range of products such as
a woollen hat
STiB jump card

In the Spring term classes will be participating in Service events. These will be selected and organised by the pupils. 

In the Summer term the children will be supporting the Charity Shoe Aid. They will be asked to leave a pair of shoes at school on the final day.

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