Ethos and aim - BJAB - British Junior Academy of Brussels

Our mission is...

…to deliver a broad and balanced education, which enables the individual child

to develop to his or her maximum potential, in a dynamic and caring environment.

Our Approach


Our approach engages the pupils in all aspects of education and requires responsibility and involvement. Within a caring and structured environment, children are taught the curriculum by a vibrant and creative teaching staff and encouraged to mature and grow to love life and learning.

Our Community


Parents add to the strong sense of community and participate in an atmosphere of high standards of behaviour, wellbeing and academic achievement. The Friends of BJAB enforces such a bond in our increasingly international community. The Friends of BJAB is a lively and informative way of being part of the BJAB family. There are regular briefing events from the Head teacher and members of staff on matters of curriculum development and ways in which parents can assist in their child’s learning. The class representative system is a direct link into your child’s class for practical help on things such as uniform and arranging play dates with other children. The committee organises regular social events, held at various times to suit working parents.

Our Values


At BJAB, Values Education is incorporated into the teaching of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We understand that by placing a high profile on global moral values, and making it apparent in all we do, we are able to nurture each and every member of our school community.

Each month a new Value is introduced during the whole school assembly.  The values have been selected through discussion with the School Council and are delivered on a two-year rolling programme.


                          2021-2022 2022-2023
September Resilience  Aspiration
October Humility  Happiness
November Peace  Cooperation
December Simplicity  Joy
January Kindness Love
February Respect Trust
March Friendship Tolerance
April Understanding  Unity
May Patience Faith
June Loyalty Honesty


Our Pupils

The School Council

The School Council is democratically elected by pupils from Years 1 to 8. Pupils share their ideas and opinions and are involved in the decision-making process for a range of activities with the support of the Headteacher. The main responsibilities include the planning and organising of pupil-initiated events and fund-raising for their chosen charities as they consider the needs of others in the community.


House and House Captains

Each House is made up of pupils from across the year groups; Montgomery, Schuman, Hepburn and Cavell are led by House Captains chosen from Year 8. The leader of each house is responsible for helping their team to work together on projects, assemblies, competitions, quizzes and organised events.

At the end of each term the House Captains collect points for their team and competition is intense for the award of the House and Sports cups on ‘BJAB Day’.

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