Parents Billboard: After-school Activities

Please find below the form, our schedule of activities for Autumn Term 2019 🙂

Please note that pupils in Years 6 and 7 will have a separate after-school-activities timetable. This will be finalised, published and discussed in the first week of September. Mrs White will be available to discuss individual requests in the last week of August.

Please use the form to register to our After-school Activities! Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. Unless the activity is invoiced by the school, please make sure to pay the activity beforehand using the details in the activity’s description. Thank you very much!

After-School Activities

GOOD TO KNOW… Did you know that Guides and Scouts take place at BJAB? Why not consider signing up?

Please liaise directly with them.

For scouts =  +32 484 799 534

For beavers = + 32 487 294 060

There is also an e-mail address to contact Guides which is:


Coding (Y3-5)

From 3.45 until 4.45pm. Waiting for details from Coden'Play...but please register if you are interested! We will keep you informed!





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