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Sarah White

Sarah White


Sarah White is a highly experienced Headteacher in international education, having worked in Greece, the Middle East, Belgium and the UK. She trained at Christ Church College in Canterbury UK, has a Post Graduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy and a Masters Degree in educational leadership. Her career spans across Primary, Secondary and university education in the state-funded and independent sector.

Senior Leadership Team

Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell

Deputy Headteacher

Victoria Cowx

Victoria Cowx

Head of Pastoral Care and Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson

Head of Teaching and Learning

Lower School Staff

Caroline Petherick

Kindergarten Lead

Rachael Bland

Reception Teacher

Renata Cuigniez

Year 2 Teacher

Molly Rogers

Year 4 Teacher

Angela Mathieson

PreKindergarten & Kindergarten Teacher

Laura Whittaker

Year 1 Teacher

Rebecca Sutton

Year 3 Teacher

Beth Gape

PreKindergarten & Kindergarten Teacher

Laura McConochie

Year 1 Teacher

Victoria Cowx

Year 3 Teacher

Anne Loewenstein

PreKindergarten & Kindergarten French Teacher

Sandy MacDonald

Year 2 Teacher

Irene Wallace

Year 3 Teacher

Prep School Staff

Debra Johnson

Year 5 Teacher

Jonathan Halliwell

Classic Civilisations Teacher

Tom Mitchell

Year 8 Form Tutor & Science Specialist

Luca Trivigno

Year 6 Teacher Trainee

Ben Seal

Year 7 Form Tutor & English Specialist

Ian White

Music Teacher

Supporting Staff

Jo Lambrechts

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher

Claudette Vancoillie

Learning Support Assistant

Thomas Wilkinson

Music Specialist

Heidi Fluckidger

Garderie Supervisor

Haylie Chang

Learning Support Assistant

Cheryl Wells

Early Years Assistant

Laura Vanderbiest

Drama Specialist

Serena Grey

Art Specialist

French Department Staff

Shona Walker

Head of French Department

Charlotte Wait

French Teacher

Lucy Hunt

French Teacher

Valentine Wait

French Teacher

Administrative Staff

Justine De Maertelaere

Finance Officer

Marisa Benitez

Headteacher's PA

Fiona Mace

Admissions Officer

Rachel Butler

School Office Assistant

Domestic staff

Ana Raquel Almeida

Domestic staff

Luc Pirenne


Marisa Alvarez Duraes

Domestic staff

Rosa Veiga Silva

Domestic staff

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors offers advice and support to help the school achieve its objectives. It provides oversight for matters of policy and statutory requirements

Madame Patricia De Maertelaere


Mrs Helen Noble

Chair of the Board of Governors

Mrs Julie Gabler

Parent Governor

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