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By focusing the communication on the children, the educational project, the architecture, the infrastructure and the staff, this website intends to convey a genuine portrayal of the school.

The team

This website was a nine-month joint effort between the school’s Administration staff led by its Headteacher Ms. Sarah White and a team of four creatives led by Alexandre Plennevaux, Brussels-based designer who loves helping fellow humans get the most out of their online presence. Here is a brief who’s who and a few snapshots of them in action.

  1. Alexandre Tournay is a thoughtful man who is really good at capturing emotion… in motion. Alexandre was tasked to convey the school narrative in a short video that captures the energy, atmosphere and values of the school.

    Ms. White and Alexandre Papakonstantinou, during the voice-over recording session for the video.

    Ms. White and Alexandre Tournay, during the voice-over recording session for the video. Perhaps this picture doesn’t quite honour the many laughs we had during this difficult exercise in self control.

  2. Mathieu Galopin is a photographer and lateral  thinker with a great talent for capturing the moment and seeing “beyond” the subject. Each of his shots holds a story in itself. He is the artist of the team.

    Many thanks to you, the staff members, who played the photo shoot game with Mathieu Galopin (Mathieu is the one not wearing a dress).

  3. Emile-Victor Portenart is an easy smiling, tasteful visual designer who moves through life like an acrobat. He washed away the noise in the former visual identity of the school to reveal its radiance and defined the visual skin of the website.
  4. Right alongside Emile is a tall man: Christophe Hansen, who turned the UX vision into code. He is a true soldier: never fears, never backs down, days after days, always ready to learn new things. A guy you can rely upon to do the job – the harder it is, the more he smiles.
Emile-Victor Portenart

Emile-Victor Portenart

Christophe Hansen

Christophe Hansen

We would like to thank the BJAB team, and specifically Sarah, Valentine, Nicola and Justine, for being great hosts, patient listeners and team players; for trusting us to meet the requirements, and for the many interesting exchanges we had. We look forward to once again being amidst the children’s laughters in the beautiful, caring, human environment that you create and maintain at BJAB.

Respectfully yours,

Alexandre, Mathieu, Emile-Victor, Christophe and Alexandre.