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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the school uniform?

School uniform is important to us at BJAB. It helps our children feel part of a close and happy school community where everyone is included and equal. It also makes life a lot easier for busy parents. The wearing of the uniform is compulsory for all our children from Reception upward (Prekindergarten and Kindergarten only wear a smock).

The BJAB school uniform can be purchased online via the School Uniform Specialists.

There will be delivery to school, free of charge, at regular intervals. You can also have uniform delivered to your preferred address.

Pupils will be expected to wear the regulation items listed below:


Smock – Prekindergarten and Kindergarten only

Long and/or short sleeve Katy Collar Blouse (Website)
Stormproof Reversible Coat (Website)
Long and/or short sleeve Shirt (Website)
Showerproof Windcheater In Bag (optional – Website)
Slim Fit Trousers and/or Pull on Trousers (Website)
Bodywarmer Polartherm (optional – Website)
Pinafore Dress and/or skirt (Website)
Red Fleece Gloves (Website)
Dark Grey Bermudas (Website)
Red Fleece Scarf (Website)
Blue Knitwear with logo (Website)
Summer Baseball Cap with logo (Website)
Navy Blue Tights/Socks
Winter Fleece Hat with logo (Website)
Navy Blue Socks
Junior Backpack with logo (optional – Website)
Shoes – classic black leather (no trainers)

Blazer – from Year 7


Unisex PE Training Polo and /or Unisex PE Training T-Shirt (Website)
PE Training Pants (Website)
PE Leggings (optional – Website)
PE Shorts (Website)
PE Skort (Website)
1/4 Zip Fleece Poloartherm (Website)
Sports Pumpbag with logo (Website)
Swimsuit (Years 1 to 8 only – Website)
Swimming Cap with logo (Years 1 to 8 only – Website)
Plain White Ankle Socks
Plain White Trainers

Is there after-school care available?

To assist working parents, a Garderie and a homework facility are provided on a daily basis from 3.30 – 6.00pm, and on Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm – 6.00pm. To ensure that we provide more than a child-minding service, garderie is overseen by a teacher who provides guidance with pupils’ homework. The time for homework runs mainly from 3:30pm – 4:30pm. The cost of the garderie is 5.50 euros per hour or part thereof. Garderie arrangements can be made at the start of each term. On a day-to-day basis, parents should request that their child attends garderie in person by email or by telephone. If you are late to pick up your child, your child will be sent to Garderie.

What policies does the school have about food, healthy eating, and food allergies?

Your child spends a long time in school each day, so snacks and drinks must be provided. Our aim, with your support, is to educate the children about healthy eating habits based on sound nutritional advice. We wish to encourage the development of a healthy growing body, mind and immune system through a balanced diet. Children who are active all day become quite hungry and thirsty so please ensure that they have enough to eat and drink. If you are not sure what ‘enough’ is then please provide too much initially and monitor what is not consumed.

Morning break

Only fruit and bottled water are permitted for snack time.

Hot lunch

The BJAB provides a hot lunch service in school for the benefit of our pupils on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays. School lunches are made fresh daily on-site by our Catering Manager. An extra daily fee is charged for this service. To minimise administration, we will continue to order meals for your child throughout the school year unless given notice otherwise. The monthly menus can be found on the Parents’ billboard on this website. Please contact the Office if you wish to order a Hot Lunch for your child.

Packed lunch

If you do not wish to order a Hot lunch, please provide a packed, nutritionally balanced lunchtime meal, including water and at least one piece of fruit.

Afternoon snack

An Afternoon snack is only required for pupils in Kindergarten or those attending the Garderie.

Children attending Garderie should be provided with a piece of fruit and a bottle of water or milk. Please be aware that for reasons of health, safety and convenience, glass bottles, canned drinks, sweets, chocolate, chewing gum, biscuits and crisps are NOT allowed.

Party food / birthday treats

There are opportunities for children to enjoy a range of party food and treats on special occasions and children may bring into school birthday cakes to share. Please contact the School Office for further specifications.

Food allergies

For those pupils who have food allergies, parents are asked to provide a suitable alternative which can be kept by the teacher to have as needs require. (Please speak with your class teacher about this.). BJAB is a nut-free school.

Table manners

Whatever their cultural background, pupils are expected to eat in a mannerly fashion. Parents are requested to prepare their children to use table utensils before arriving in school.

How can I arrange for school transport?

Families wishing to arrange for their children to be transported between home and school are directed to ‘INFINITY SPRL’, a local transport provider that offers bespoke transport services. Children are picked up from their home and returned at the end of the school day. This service is by prior arrangement only and involves an extra fee. Linda Rosenblum of INFINITY SPRL can be reached at infinities.solutions@gmail.com or 0479 490 941.

What if my child is sick, absent or late?

The following regulatory requirements apply to all children registered in full-time primary education which at the BJAB is from Reception Class upwards.

Parents are to be in school in line with the scholastic calendar. Families wanting to withdraw their children for any reason other than sickness during the scholastic calendar must formally request in writing permission from the Headteacher.

Pupils are required to be in school punctually, in line with the school’s timetable. Late arrival is recorded formally in the school register and formal reports reflect the attendance and punctuality of pupils.

In the event of illness, the school must be informed as soon as possible by telephone or email if a child will be absent.

For any illness of up to three days, a letter from the parents explaining the illness is required.

For any absence due to illness for more than 3 days, parents are required to send in a medical certificate.

Details of all absences are noted in the school register.

How do I arrange to meet my child’s teacher?

Teachers are always available to meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress or any concerns. To request a meeting with your child’s teacher, parents should simply liaise with the school office who will identify potential dates and times.

What is the tuition fee at BJAB?

The British Junior Academy of Brussels is a registered Charity and operational costs are supported solely by the income from fees. The British Junior Academy of Brussels aims to keep its fees competitive in comparison with other international schools in Brussels. Recognising that many parents pay their own fees we endeavour to keep them as low as possible whilst maintaining our high standards. Discover our schedule of fees here.

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