Our results and accreditations - BJAB - British Junior Academy of Brussels

Our results and accreditations

The Independent School Inspectorate rates BJAB as “Excellent” in all categories. The school possesses Ofsted’s British Schools Overseas accreditation. BJAB is a member of two prestigious organisations: COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and IAPS (The Independent Association of Prep Schools).

Key Stages 1 and 2: Attainment

Being a school that has a clear focus on academic achievements, we take the progress and attainment of our children seriously, particularly in the core subjects of English and Mathematics.

We use a mixture of teacher assessment and testing data to record and report progress children have made, alongside their attainment.

Fundamentally, we aim for pupils to achieve above age-related expectations in testing. We define this as achieving a standardised score of 110 and above, placing them in approximately the top 20% of attainment for pupils of their age.

In the past two years, 100% of Year 6 pupils achieved level 4 and most achieve level 5 and even level 6 in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science

The data below shows teacher assessment of pupil achievement related to age-related expectations at BJAB at the start and at the end of the previous academic year:

In English (including Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation)

September 2019

March 2020

In Mathematics

September 2019

March 2020

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