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Our results and accreditations

The Independent School Inspectorate rates BJAB as “Excellent” in all categories. The school possesses Ofsted’s British Schools Overseas accreditation. BJAB is a member of two prestigious organisations: COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and IAPS (The Independent Association of Prep Schools).

Being a school that has a clear focus on academic achievements, we take the progress and attainment of our children seriously, particularly in the core subjects of English and Mathematics.

We use a mixture of teacher assessment and testing data to record and report progress children have made, alongside their attainment.

Fundamentally, we aim for pupils to achieve above age-related expectations in testing. We define this as achieving a standardised score of 110 and above, placing them in approximately the top 20% of attainment for pupils of their age.

In June 2022, the median standardised score of a BJAB pupil in Mathematics was 118, achieving above age expectations. The median score in English was 113, achieving above age-related expectations.

The data below shows teacher assessment of pupil achievement related to age-related expectations at BJAB at the start and at the end of the previous academic year:

In Mathematics (including Mental Mathematics)

September 2021

June 2022

In English (including Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation)

September 2021

June 2022

Achieving high academic standards, BJAB guarantees quality education at an affordable rate.

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