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Schedule of Fees

The British Junior Academy of Brussels is a registered Charity and operational costs are supported solely by the income from fees. Tuition fees are set annually as part of the budget process. Aware that parents have long term budgetary planning for School Fees, BJAB wishes to advise parents that annual increases have been in the order of 2%-8% in recent years. The BJAB fees remain exceptionally competitive in relation to the other school fees in Brussels.

School tuition fees 2021-2022


  Full year total Or to be paid in three instalments on the following schedule:

1 May 2021

20% of total

1 July 2021

40% of total

1 January 2022

40% of total

Kindergarten (half day) 9856 € 1972 € 3942 € 3942 €
Kindergarten (full day) 16 864 € 3372 € 6746 € 6746 €
Reception class 17 794 € 3558 € 7118 € 7118 €
Years 1 and 2 19 470 € 3894 € 7788 € 7788 €
Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 20 987 € 4197 € 8395 € 8395 €
Years 7 and 8 23 000 € 4600 € 9200 € 9200 €


* For pupils in Years 4-8, an additional amount will be charged for the annual residential week.

School fees cover all educational resources including books, use of IT equipment (Apple iPads), sports courses, swimming expenses, and day visits.

Where companies are paying, tuition fees are payable for the whole school year. For parents paying privately, payments can be made in three instalments as indicated in the table above. Monthly payments can only be arranged by request at the discretion of the Headteacher. No student will be admitted or allowed to remain unless arrangements for the payment of fees are made. Pupils entering mid-way through a school year will receive a pro-rata invoice before entry; payment is required within 2 weeks.

Parents are responsible for the payment of total sums due, regardless of any subsidies provided by their employer.



At BJAB, we believe that an excellent education should be accessible to all and we recognise that some of our parents fund their children’s education privately. Mrs. White, Headteacher, is happy to discuss discretionary discounts on school fees upon admission.


One-time payments


Registration fee

For the first child from a family

500 €

Payable upon enrolment and non-refundable.


Sibling registration fee

For each subsequent child

250 €
Enrolment deposit 500 € Payable upon enrolment and fully refundable upon departure, provided there are no outstanding fees (e.g. damaged library books). Any outstanding charges will be deducted from the deposit and the balance will be refunded.
Departure Notice Period


The school should receive 90 days written notice of the departure of the child, per the schedule below.

In the absence of 90 days written notice, 3 months’ fees will be payable.

Leaving at end of first term (31 December 31 2021) Notice required by 30 September 2021
Leaving at end of second term (15 April 2022)


Notice required by 31 December 2021


Leaving at end of third term (30 June 2022)


Notice required by 31 March 2021



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